ASTRON & IBM Center for Exascale Technology

ASTRON & IBM Center for Exascale technology

The ASTRON & IBM Center for Exascale Technology is a research centre, located in Dwingeloo, Drenthe on the Campus of ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy. At this centre ASTRON and IBM jointly carry out fundamental research into technologies needed to develop the SKA radio telescope in the later half of this decade and the first half of the next decade. The collaboration is funded through the DOME project, supported by grants from the Dutch EL&I Ministry and the Province of Drenthe, and focuses on three main area's:

  1. Green Computing
  2. Data & Streaming
  3. Nano-photonics

Green Computing addresses technologies to radically reduce the power needed to do computationally intensive work on extremely large amounts of data. Nano-photonics addresses technologies needed to drastically reduce the power of data transport over longer distances and inside computing machines. Data & Streaming addresses technologies to process data on-the-fly and store data at a high efficiency for later use. These three areas are covered by seven DOME research projects, also called research streams. The project "Algorithms and Machines" is the coordinating architectural project, steering and combining results from the other six DOME projects:

  1. Algorithms & Machines
  2. Access Patterns
  3. Nano Photonics
  4. Microservers
  5. Accelerators
  6. Compressive Sampling
  7. RT Communication

The DOME projects are described in the website projects sections, and also in a one-page summary.

Through a Users Platform, Dutch small and medium size companies (SMEs) and knowledge institutes, can participate in this collaborative research. Although the Platform is primarily aimed at the parties mentioned above, it is not limited to those.


Seminar: Quality in Electronic Design and Manufacturing

On 16 and 17 June, 2015, DOME will organise a seminar on Quality in Electronic Design and Manufacturing.


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Microserver, modelling and idea generation

Dome Users Platform Event

Last Wednesday, we had a very successful Dome Users Platform Event where a select group of entrepreneurs and knowledge institutes challenged the Dome team to help them overcome technological restraints, thus paving the road for new and...

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Open Users Platform Event

Date: October 29, 2014
Venue: Van de Hulst Auditorium at ASTRON and IBM Center for Exascale Technology
Address: Oude Hoogeveensedijk 4
7991 PD Dwingeloo

Visit the event website ...

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Dome face-to-face meeting in Zurich

Twice a year, representatives of the Dome team come together to share knowledge and discuss progress on a face-to-face basis. This year's second meeting was held September 16-18th at the IBM Research Laboratories in Zurich (ZRL). Present were 35 colleagues from ASTRON, IBM Netherlands at ASTRON...

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DOME Microserver Premiere, July 3rd

On July 3rd at ASTRON, the Dome project unveiled its first prototype of the microserver, about the size of a mobile phone, equipped with water cooling to allow for very dense packaging.  The server is a small, low-cost, low-power device, working like a...

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Newsletter 4

Dear reader,

We are now approximately 2.5 years into the Dome project, which means we are about half way. What looked like a very, very difficult and even close to impossible task when we began early 2012 is gradually developing into a project which shows some light at the end of the...

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OPEN INVITATION: Dome Premiere, featuring the new microserver

ASTRON, IBM and three members of the Dome Users Platform are proud to invite you to this Dome Premiere on July 3rd, 2014. Dome is the research project in which ASTRON and IBM have joined forces to create new technology for handling the huge amounts of data that will be...

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Newsletter 3

Dear reader,

In recognition of four new SME’s and knowledge institutes joining the Dome Users Platform in January, this newsletter will focus on these new partners, their interests, and our collaboration. But before zooming-in, we will give you a brief update on the Dome project and SKA...

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Vier bedrijven en kennisinstituten haken aan bij de ultieme big bang, big data uitdaging

Doorstaan wetenschappelijke en technologische doorbraken de test?

Op 15 januari 2014 zijn vier bedrijven en kennisinstituten officieel toegetreden tot het Users Platform van DOME, het samenwerkingsverband van IBM en ASTRON. Doel is om nieuwe technologie te...

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Newsletter 2

Dear reader,

In our newsletter from July 2013, we reported on the intermediate scientific results after approximately one year of research in the DOME project. In this edition, we would like to share some recent developments with you.

DOME is all about designing and creating new...

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