Dome Symposium


18-19 May 2017, Dwingeloo

Venue: ASTRON and IBM Center for Exascale Technology

Programme Thursday 18 May - Science

The first day will be focused on project scientific results and on research conducted in the context of the Dome Users Platform.
If you are interested in this topic, please register here.

08:30 Registration & coffee
09:00 Welcome by day chairman  
The New Computing Era: Tackling the Computing Complexity Barrier
09:15 Views on the future of computing and science data centres Thomas Sterling, Director CREST
09:45 SKA & beyond Moore's law, a forward look Ton Engbersen, IBM
10:00 Architecture modelling Gero Dittmann, IBM
10:15 Break - coffee/tea + demos  
Smart Algorithms
10:45 The SKA SDP signal processing Ronald Nijboer, ASTRON
11:05 Data Reduction and Image Formation for Future Radio Telescopes Shahrzad Naghibzadeh, TU Delft
11:25 Machine learning in radio astronomy imaging Patrick Putzky, Universiteit van Amsterdam
11:45 Novel algorithmic approaches in radio astronomy Paul Hurley, IBM
12:15 Lunch + demos  
Novel Architecture Foundations
13:15 Data driven architecture for SDP Chris Broekema, ASTRON
13:35 Efficient photonic data transport Peter Maat, ASTRON
13:55 Hardware accelerator approaches John Romein, ASTRON
14:15 Realtime communication Chris Broekema, ASTRON
14:35 Break - coffee/tea + demos  
Smart Data Science Processing
15:00 Science data centre challenges Michael Wise, ASTRON
15:20 Low frequency radio survey processing / TGSS Huib Intema, Universiteit van Leiden
15:40 Science data centre modelling Yan Grange, ASTRON
National Science Agenda
16:00 Route Big Data Wilco Hazeleger, director Netherlands eScience Centre
17:00 Conclusion followed by nibbles, drinks, networking  


The project demonstrations include microservers, data transport over fibre, photonic beam-former, efficient signal processing algorithms, and modeling



Programme Friday 19 May - Policy, Politics & Industry

The aim of this second day is to provide an overview of the Dome project, its targets, results, and the impact on the Square Kilometre Array, and on society and industry.
If you are interested in this topic, please register here.

09:00 Registratie & koffie
09:30 Welkom door de dagvoorzitter  
09:35 DOME and beyond.... Marco de Vos, algemeen directeur, ASTRON
09:45 Impact van DOME op SKA en op weg naar een smart society Gert Kruithof, Hoofd Research & Development, ASTRON
10:15 MKB pitch: Efficiƫnt programmeren van digitale (FPGA) chips Bart Kienhuis, Compaan Design
10:20 MKB pitch: High Speed PCB (printed circuit board) ontwerp Hans Klos, Sintecs
10:25 Koffie/thee + demo's  
10:45 Wetenschap en Bedrijfsleven Maarten Camps, Secretaris-Generaal Economische Zaken
11:00 ASTRON in the SKA era: the path to exascale astronomy Carole Jackson, scientific and general director ASTRON
11:15 Toekomst van Public Private Partnership in Big Data onderzoek Harry van Dorenmalen, Vice Chairman IBM Europa
11:45 MKB pitch: Uitdagingen en oplossingen bij het verwerken van grote hoeveelheden wetenschappelijke data Nico Rozemeijer / TriOpSys / COBRA
11:50 DOME pitch: Digitale chips (ASICS) for a smart society Rik Jongerius, IBM
11:55 DOME pitch: Modelling in a smart society/Slim ontwerpen in een smart society Gero Dittmann, IBM
12:00 Lunch + demo's  
13:15 Resultaten DOME project Ton Engbersen, Professor of Data Science Engineering at the faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
13:45 MKB pitch: Kosten efficiƫnte optische technologie voor signaal transport over grote afstand Jan Mink, VTEC Lasers & sensors
13:50 MKB pitch: Fotonische signaal processing in phased array antenna systemen Peter Maat, ASTRON
13:55 Research strategies towards a smart society Thomas Sterling, Director CREST (Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies)
14:40 Koffie/thee + demo's  
15:10 MKB pitch: Microservers & microdatacentra Fred Buining, ILA
15:15 MKB pitch: Life cycle management voor grote digitale systemen Hendri Kortman, Variass
15:20 DOME pitch: Algorithms, slim rekenen in een smart society Albert-Jan Boonstra, ASTRON
15:25 Wrap up en afsluiting Alexander J. Brink, voorzitter Samenwerking DOME
15:35 demo's, netwerken, hapje, drankje